Good morning and happy new year. Here it is. The start of another year. A time to look back and reflect and look ahead to the future. We all want to believe we are in control of our lives. And then wonder what happened. I’m glad that God allows us to grow. I believe we are the lump sum of decisions we make. Good or bad. I remember telling Brodie and Renae as they were growing up that they would have opportunities to make decisions, please make as many good ones as possible because even some you think are good will be bad. You shouldn’t start with ones you know are bad.  So, I think this year I will take my advice and see how many good decisions I can make. I will find a worthy passion and pursue it. We should all find a time in our lives when we try to make a difference in the world and to others instead of ourselves. I know many people figure this out early in life, but I’m a slow learner and it’s time for me to do so. This, in a way, is the beginning of something new. Just like the year, it starts today.Image

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