Parting thoughts from Grampy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Well, we are winding up our 6 day stay with Brodie, Heather and miss Makayla Mae Knox. First, Brodie and Heather are awesome parents.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I never doubted that they wouldn’t be, but to see them work together is inspiring. Makayla is as blessed to have them as they are to have her. Russ and Renae have also been able to spend time with us and that has made this very special. It has been the most wonderful experience to spend time with them all. I know I am able to cross boundaries fairly easily, but I have not been reprimanded or put in time out this whole trip! I have been able to hold, change, feed, burp and yes…even a couple of times had Makayla sleep on my chest while reclined and sleeping in the lazy boy. What an incredible feeling. She is such a baby….and so well tempered. She smiles quite often and it isn’t gas that causes it. She is simply beautiful and perfect. Every chance I get, she will be spoiled……just sayin. Garnet has been able to hold her also. Even with only one good arm we are able to let Makayla snuggle on her good shoulder. We have had a few tears of incredible joy on more than one occasion. To think we will be leaving and seeing them all again in several months is difficult but necessary. I don’t know how it could be better than this…..Knowing also that her other grandparents and great-grandparents will be visiting soon is a joy to my heart.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Love runs very deep…

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